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What is Worship like at First Lutheran?

Worship at First Lutheran is designed for all ages.  We plan our worship services with the expectation that people as young as nine days will be here as well as people who are in their nineties.

Every Sunday we strive to create a worship environment that engages the rhythms of life with the heartbeat of God.  We join Christians around the world and across the centuries in a pattern of worship called the liturgy.  In this liturgy we join in the Biblical songs of angels and the prayers of Christians of every time and place.   The scripture readings that we hear in our church are heard in the churches of many denominations throughout the world.  As you can see, when we worship we do not do so alone.  We worship God alongside an innumerable throng of God’s people.

We try to create an atmosphere of “relaxed reverence” as we worship.    When we come into the presence of God Almighty, awe is the natural response, thus reverence.  Likewise, when gathering in Jesus’ name, we do so as brothers and sisters of one whose love for us takes us as we are, therein comes our peace.

We say that our worship encompasses “Word and Sacrament”.  Every time we gather for worship we are shaped by God’s word spoken through the Bible.  We are also shaped, weekly, by the tangible presence of God in our lives as we gather around the Altar and commune with Jesus in his supper.

We seek to be a people whose lives are a daily worship of thanks to God, and on Sunday mornings we gather together as bread dough placed in an oven to be changed and transformed into people who live as a reflection of Jesus, the Bread of Life. Having been thus gathered together, we leave revived and strengthened to likewise feed the world with God’s life giving love.