Worship Leadership

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Would you like to be involved with
Sunday morning worship?


8:15 & 10:45 contact:  Al Danilko

Ushers serve at one of the worship services, on a monthly basis. They collect and present offering plates during the service, as well as leading the congregation up to the altar for communion. If you would like to serve as an usher, please contact the office at office@felchurch.org


Contact: Patricia Pluck

Lectors are people in the congregation that read the new & old testament Bible readings at either the 8:15 or 10:45 service. Lectors generally read once every two or three months. If you would like to be scheduled to lector, please email the church secretary at ppluck@felchurch.org.


Contact: Patricia Pluck

Acolytes are youth members of the congregation, grades 7-12 who light the candles at the beginning of the worship service, as well as carrying the torches, bible and crucifix during the worship processional. When youth reach 7th grade, generally they will become a member of a confirmation class. In the confirmation class, the youth will be prepared to be confirmed into their faith, as well as being trained to serve the church during worship as an acolyte. If your child has been confirmed or is currently in confirmation classes, is in 7-12 grade, and wishes to be an acolyte, please contact ppluck@felchurch.org.

Communion Assistants

Contact: Patricia Pluck

Communion assistants will occasionally be called on to serve communion alongside the pastor and the worship assistant during particularly large worship services, such as Christmas and Easter. If you would like to be considered as a communion assistant, please contact ppluck@felchurch.org 

Assisting Ministers

Contact: Patricia Pluck

Worship assistants serve alongside the Pastor during the worship service. They sing and read some of the prayers and assist in serving communion. Special lay ministry training is required to perform this duty. If you are interested in becoming a worship assistant/assiting minister, please contact ppluck@felchurch.org.

Alter Guild

Contact: Dianna Marusko

Altar Guild serves the church by cleaning the brass communion pieces, preparing communion every Sunday and for special services such as weddings & funerals, hanging and cleaning the banners used for liturgical purposes, preparing the altar, as well as performing the stripping of the altar during Easter services. If you would like to serve the church in this way, please contact office@felchurch.org


8:15 contact: Amy Erdman

10:45 contact: Marsha Danilko

Greeters are the first faces you see in the morning upon entering the church. Our greeters are our friendly faces that welcome you into the church, help you find a seat, and hand out the weekly bulletins. Greeters are scheduled to serve approximately 3-4 times a year.If you are interested in serving as a greeter, please contact office@felchurch.org