Who We Are

jesus_bannerWe Are Here Because of Jesus

Because God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, Jesus the Christ… that is why we, First Lutheran, are here. We are the on going evidence of the amazing love of God. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the Word of God, and in Jesus God says to us, “You are forgiven. You are mine. I won’t let you go.” We are here because of Jesus.

We Are Here For Jesus

The Bible tells us that we, First Lutheran Church, are the body of Christ, and each person is a member of it. Although to the world we might look like a volunteer organization, to Jesus we are a living, breathing, working organism: the Body of Christ. As such, every member of this body is essential for the vitality of the body. No one is expendable. No one is replaceable. When we use the gifts that God has given us and work together, we continue the life giving and saving work of Jesus. We are here for Jesus.


We Are Here To Share Jesus’ Love With Each Other And The World

Jesus is the visible expression of the depth of God’s love, and we, the body of Christ are the ongoing visible expression of that love. Here at First Lutheran, you will find that you are loved simply because you are you. What you have or haven’t done doesn’t matter. What you can or cannot do doesn’t matter. What you wear, what you think, where you have been… it doesn’t matter. It didn’t matter to Jesus, so it doesn’t matter to us. Here at First Lutheran you will be loved.

…we are a people brought together by God.  So, whoever comes our way, we strive to welcome with the gracious arms of God.  We have discovered that God has brought rich variety to our community.  Some know wealth, others know poverty.  Some we see regularly, others not as often.  Some have a faith as high as a mountain; others have doubts of equal height.  Some have settled into life, others live on the edge.  Some sing, others don’t.  On and on the variety goes, but this is shared by all: God has brought each one here, and because God deems each one divinely important, so do we.  We seek to live out the truth that is written in the Bible, “Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:39)