I’m New


On behalf of the people of God at First Lutheran Church thank you for dropping by.

First Lutheran Church is located in downtown Greensburg, Pennsylvania.  We are right on Main Street, and our red brick building with a high setting cross makes us easy to find.  We have been around for quite a while, but we are always striving to serve God and the world in ways that make an impact today.  People of every age and walk of life make First Lutheran their spiritual home.  We relish the depth of faith and life that comes with the interaction of varied people of varied ages.  We gather for worship every Sunday in order to be renewed and re-invigorated by God’s grace, and we go back out into our worlds carrying that infectious love into every corner of our lives.

As you ramble through this web-site, I hope that you will see that we are a place of welcome and care.  We take seriously the forgiving promise of God, the passion that God has for every person in the world, and the gifts God has given us to join God in the divine adventure of “making all things new” (Rev. 21:5).

Enjoy your time in our website.  If it leaves you wondering more about what God is doing among the people of First Lutheran, let me invite you to come and see.  I believe that you will find that what you experience in person to be even better than what you have seen on this site.

God’s grace and peace.