The educational goal of our pre-school is to provide opportunities for each child to grow and develop cognitively, socially, aesthetically, affectively, physically, expressively and spiritually within an age appropriate and caring environment.

We realize that the primary learning environment is the home. It is our goal to work together with parents in helping their child to grow.

Below are listed these areas of development and the specific goals for each area.


  • Create a love for learning
  • Provide opportunities for children to explore and develop skills in areas of perception, logical mathematical knowledge, scientific understanding and critical thinking skills


  • Develop respect for children within the group
  • Develop respect for a teacher
  • Learn to share
  • Become aware of other cultures
  • Develop the ability to appropriately participate in various environments


  • Appreciate the arts
  • Enjoy and explore sensory experiences


  • Develop trust, autonomy, self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Develop a desire to become industrious


  • Develop and encourage the growth of fine motor skills
  • Develop and encourage large motor skills and exercise
  • Develop good health and exercise habits


  • Develop expressive language
  • Develop beginning reading and writing expression
  • Develop receptive language skills


  • Share with the children that God made them loves them and cares for them.
  • Share about the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus and how these events show that Jesus loves them
  • Share with them that the Bible is God’s Word to us
  • Share God’s Love with others through our words and actions
  • Share the Joy of the Lord