committee_image_croppedChristian Education 

Council Liaison:  Megan Danilko

Main Function: To take care of the Christian learning opportunities in the church.

The Christian education committee runs the church library, and develops and plans Vacation Bible School, Sunday School and intergenerational activities. Many of the members of this committee are also Sunday School teachers. They plan confirmation and first communion education classes. They also help the youth members prepare for competition in the Bible Bowl.



Council Liaison:   Rebecca Brunetta

Main Function: Spreading the gospel throughout the community and growing the church as well as the faith of the people in the church.

The Evangelism committee creates advertisements for the church in the newspaper, provides continental breakfast for the congregation each Sunday, builds the float for the holiday parade as well as providing refreshments, creates the church directory and provides greeters for worship services. They also deliver CDs of the sermons to those who cannot make it to church, and they visit those who are shut-in, sick, hospitalized, or those who are considering joining the church. They also prepare military care packages.



Council Liaison: Sue Ross

Main Function: To provide opportunities for church members to get together and share food and friendship

The fellowship committee puts together luncheons for funerals, weddings and other events, as well as providing the food for many of the church congregational functions. The fellowship community serves to create a community within the church. They sponsor a Shrovetide Pancake brunch before Easter, plan Rally-Recreation day, and plan many other fun events, such as going to group Pirate games and taking church “field trips”.


Finance Committee 

Council Liaison: Bob Errett

Main Function: To take care of the church’s trust through investments so that we are able to give to outreach and missions.

Each year, the budget and finance committee donates  to community outreach programs locally, nationally and internationally.


Information Technology Committee 

Council Liaison: Bobbie Laciak

Main Function: To keep the church up to date and using the latest technologies in order to better reach the congregation, the community and the world for Christ through networking, emails and print.

IT committee works hard to ensure that the church is using the most up to date technologies in order to share our ministry. This includes developing and updating the website through work with our web designer, recording and distributing audio and video formats of our service via CD and the web, as well as Podcasting.


Personnel Committee 

Council Liaison: Kim von Schlichten

Main Function:  Personnel/human relations experts regarding the employees of the church.

Personnel committee performs staff interviews, discusses and develops job descriptions and does performance evaluations for the staff and provides human resources support.


Property Committee

Council Liaison: Merle Baker

Main Function: To oversee the maintenance of the church building and its structures.

The property committee exists to make sure our church building stays up and running, and beautiful! The property committee paints, builds, refurbishes, installs, washes, constructs and repairs. They take care of lawn care, planting, landscaping, light fixtures, etc…They also oversee the functions of our Park.


Social Ministry Committee

Council Liaison: Amy Schultz

Main Function: To reach out to the community and the world through service, ministry and missions to those in need.

The social ministry committee works hard in conjunction with the Westmoreland County Food Bank to distribute food to those in need. They also provide a weekly free lunch called Food From the Heart. They work with the Red Cross for blood drives and CPR classes, The Caring Tree & Operation Reindeer during Christmas time to distribute gifts to the less fortunate, and PA Clean ways to do a Road-Way clean-up. They also work in conjunction with Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity and Christian Laymen Corps to provide services to the community. They distribute Fair Trade products once a month to support Fair Trade efforts. They also coordinate two annual mission trips and collect items for the food pantry.


Stewardship Committee

Liaison:  Cindy Black

Main Function: To educate the congregation about Biblical giving of time, talents, and resources in order to impact the church and the world, as well as to foster a sense of thankful giving.

The stewardship committee works to increase stewardship awareness through Temple Talks, conducting an “every member” response, educating members about our role as good caretakers of God’s gifts.


Worship & Music

Council Liaison: Suzy Flory

Main Function: To oversee the worship life of the church, including the music and liturgy.

The Worship & Music committee works to maintain the care of the sanctuary and worship items, such as candles, wreaths for Christmas, vestments, banners and other liturgical items used during the service. They furnish music supplies, devotional books and materials, communion resources and strive to educate others about the Lutheran style of worship and the meaning behind our practices. The Altar Guild, the bell choir, the adult choir, ushers, lector (weekly lay readers), worship assistants and acolytes are all part of the worship and music committee.


Youth Ministry Committee

Council Liaison: Brandie Saraceni

Main Function: To involve the young members of the church in activities that will help them grow in their faith.

The youth committee seeks to increase attendance of the church’s  younger members, as well as providing activities which help them grow in their faith. They seek to include youth in the weekly function of the church by having them participate as ushers, lectors and acolytes. They provide activities such as “Mission on the Mon” (A mission trip specifically for youth),” YouthFest” (A youth retreat) and “Camp Lutherlyn” (A Christian youth camp). They also prepare a youth Sunday, as well as summer youth “field trips”. The youth are planning a trip to the National Youth Gathering in Detroit Michigan, July 15 – 19, 2015.