Become a Member

“How do I become a member of First Lutheran Church?”

The answer is simple: COME.  As Jesus told his first disciples, “Come and see.”  Come and see what God is doing here amongst us and in the world. Come and see how God is changing lives with hope and forgiveness.  Come and see how you are regarded for what Jesus has done for you (given his life for you), instead of what you have or have not done in life.  Come and see.

And when you have seen and you sense a tugging on your heart to be a vital part of this congregation,  simply tell us so.  We will welcome you with open arms.  If you have not been baptized, we’ll make sure that you have heard God’s promises spoken to you by baptizing you. (Our practice is to baptize by sprinkling.)  If you are already baptized, the promise that God spoke when you were baptized are as good as gold, so you don’t need to be baptized again.

You can, of course, worship and participate in the work of First Lutheran without being a member.  However, we strongly encourage people to become members.  It gives us a chance to formally and loudly tell you that you can count on us to share the adventure of life and faith with you no matter what life may bring, and it provides you a chance to say with boldness that we can count on you to do the same with us.